“Jing Yuan” is a Hong Kong-based charitable organization founded in 2022, dedicated to promoting and practicing positive life education and expanding philanthropic endeavours. Hosting various lectures and charity events aims to benefit the disadvantaged, share resources, and build a caring and inclusive society.

“Jing Yuan” believes in “Life on Life,” striving to create beautiful life values and meanings while passing on precious life lessons to the next generation. Its name signifies that the depth of life is more important than its length, symbolizing the importance of inheriting the wisdom of our ancestors and cherishing the present moment.

The name “Jing Yuan” emphasizes the importance of life’s depth over length, implying the inheritance of our ancestors’ wisdom and the value of cherishing the present. Inspired by the concept of “Life on Life,” our brand designer uses a minimalist and elegant style to convey profound life lessons that prioritize the quality of life over quantity, stressing the significance of embracing ancestral wisdom and valuing the present. The entire brand revolves around “inheritance” and “valuing relationships.” Closely adhering to this essence, our brand experience team employs Buddhist wisdom to interpret the meaning of life as a complex design concept, shaping the entire brand series.

The design depicts the moment when a water droplet traverses the veins of a Bodhi leaf, symbolizing the concept of “returning to zero.” The top part of the logo features the Bodhi leaf, while the bottom has a water droplet, forming the shape of an hourglass. This design represents not only its shape but also the inner spirit it embodies. Once the water droplet falls, it cannot flow back upward, just as our elders’ selfless love and care come without any expectation of return. The droplet sliding down the leaf’s central vein signifies “filial piety in one’s heart,” passed down from generation to generation.

The green-toned brand image embodies the four shades of green symbolizing the Buddhist “Four Fruits of the Lesser Vehicle,” imbuing the design with profound philosophical meaning. The design conveys the beauty of stillness and the concept of returning to zero, highlighting the brand’s goal of pursuing one’s true self and inner peace.