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Positive Motivation Program

Hong Kong
Parenting Headline
17 Primary and Secondary Schools

Jing Yuan Charity Foundation emphasizes the importance of education, particularly in promoting mindfulness and positive thinking among students at various school ages. We believe that the success of these programs can guide students along their paths and establish positive values in their lives.

To put our belief into practice, our foundation co-organized the “Positive Motivation Program” with Parenting Headline. The first phase of the program introduced Dr Cheng Yu-tung’s biography to schools through gifting copies to 17 primary and secondary schools and organizing an inter-school reading competition. Students could read and understand Dr Cheng’s life philosophy of “diligence, honesty, and loyalty” through this initiative.

The biography documented Dr Cheng’s legendary life story, highlighting his many hardships along the way to success while upholding moral values such as honorability, trustworthiness, diligence, loyalty, and sincerity. It took four years for research and editing before Dr Wong Wai-ling and Dr Patrick Mok provided detailed narratives that fully presented Dr Cheng’s journey to success.

Students responded enthusiastically to the program, and we were pleased to see that our belief was well accepted by the education industry. Besides encouraging reading, the program also aimed to enlighten students on their future career planning.