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Elderly Emotion Support Service amid Epidemic

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center
Elderly and their caregivers

Jing Yuan Charity Foundation partnered with Chan Dang Social Services Foundation and Ho Cheung Shuk Yuen Charitable Foundation to sponsor the project “Elderly Emotion Support Service amid Epidemic,” organized by Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center (HKEXAT). The project provided Expressive Arts Therapy to elderly individuals who faced emotional distress due to anxiety or depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed them to relieve their stress through art creation or other non-verbal expressions.

HKEXAT held 16 workshops with various themes of expressive art therapy in elderly centers operated by the Salvation Army and other non-governmental organizations, catering to different needs of stakeholders such as COVID-19-positive patients, caregivers, and their families.