Comprehension of Life through Exploration of its Meaning

Life is a journey of self-exploration.It is the driving force of the world and is full of possibilities.We help people recognise the concept of humankind as a community,explore the meaning of life and develop corresponding core values on their life journeys.

Respect for Life through Positive Development

We advocate positive life education, holistic development of the mind and body,exploration of oneself’s potential, good time management and continuous learning, and encourage the public to help themselves and help others.The above are the key elements in achieving the core value of “Respecting Life”and building a world of mutual support and integration.

Practice in Life through Charity

We promote the setting of life-long goals,mindfulness practice in life, and inclination towards goodness. We help people enrich their life journeys by cultivating empathy, serving the public, caring for and contributing to the community, and giving blessings to others.

Fulfillment in Life through Love Sharing

We advocate enjoying and contemplating life directly.By strengthening interpersonal bonding, sharing experiences, and spreading virtue and love,our souls are nourished so that our tree of life can blossom. The ultimate goal is the integration of morality and well-being,which in turn will benefit ourselves and the whole humankind.

Funded Programs
Collaborative Partners

Jing Yuan Charity Foundation aims to build a caring and harmonious society through facilitating philanthropy and social well-being, so that one good deed brings quadruple advantages.

One Good Deed” is to promote life education to our community, especially the young generation. “Quadruple advantages” refers to the vision in which we can “understand, respect, realise, and fulfil life”, we can then explore and reflect on the meaning of life. Mutual appreciation and respect can also be fostered. When we have developed a positive outlook on life, positive energy will prevail in the society.

All things spring from a peaceful mind. Let’s cultivate virtues and affinity together. All things in the universe have a cause and effect. Those who sow good seeds shall reap good fruits. With diligence and dedication, many generations of Hong Kong people have been building a prosperous city on the beautiful soil. Many young people, optimistic and persevere as they are, have realised their dreams and fulfilled themselves. Together Hong Kong people have invigorated this city and given a splendid lustre to the Pearl of the Orient. Let us spread such positive energy wide and far. Let us imbue the Hong Kong society with everlasting love and hope.

The value of life lies not in its length but its depth. The thousand-mile flight of wild geese is measured not in terms of power but unity. We will connect different sectors and consolidate their strengths, making continued efforts on a variety of charitable programmes. Heart to heart, shoulder to shoulder, we believe that we will make this journey of life education fruitful.

Mr Tsang On-yip, Patrick, B.B.S.

Board of Directors

The Council of Management manages the philanthropic and administrative operations of the Foundation.


Mr Tsang On-yip, Patrick, B.B.S.



Mr Cheng Chi-him, Conrad

Ms Cheng Chi-man, Sonia

Mr Koo Tong-fat

Mr Choi Wing-kee, Wilkie

Ms Chong Yuen-wah, Lina



Ms Chan Mi-wa, Miranda


Day-to-day operations of the Foundation is supported by the duties of the Secretary-General.


Ms Kwong Yuk-ying, Cheryl

Jing Yuan Charity Foundation, founded by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited in 2022,is committed to promoting and implementing positive life education,engaging in philanthropic work, helping the underprivileged, sharing resources,creating positive values, so as to build a community of harmony and integration.

Jing Yuan Club (JYC) is established to arouse awareness of life.With a cross-sectors collaborative partnerships,we aim at providing social services relating life education.Our target is to achieve the fulfilment of life by means of physical, mental and spiritual development.In the pursuit of quality of life, dignity ought to be our ultimate goal.