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Love With Guide Dogs and The Elderly

Hong Kong
Children & Elderly
Not less than 3,100 people

The Jing Yuan Charity Foundation places great emphasis on intergenerational education, believing that experiencing life firsthand is essential for a true understanding of its meaning. To this end, the foundation and Quality Education Fund (QEF) have jointly granted a program called “Love With Guide Dogs and The Elderly,” rolled out by Po Leung Kok, which involves the active participation of the elderly, people with visual impairment, primary school students, and guide dogs.

To ensure the success of this program, approximately 100 elderly individuals were recruited and trained as mentors. These mentors delivered 50 demonstration lectures, educating students about the invaluable work of guide dogs. Additionally, the program paid tribute to retired guide dogs and elderly mentors, recognizing their contributions.

Through this remarkable initiative, students gain a deeper understanding of the journey and significance of guide dogs, as well as learn to appreciate and value life. The experiences and insights from these activities have been meticulously compiled into a booklet, which has been distributed to nearly 20,000 primary school students.