Mission and Vision
Understanding Life
Respecting Life
Practicing Life
Fulfilling Life
The four fundamental
Comprehension of Life through Exploration of its Meaning

Life is a journey of self-exploration. It is the driving force of the world and is full of possibilities. We help people recognise the concept of humankind as a community, explore the meaning of life and develop corresponding core values on their life journeys.

Respect for Life through Positive Development

We advocate positive life education, holistic development of the mind and body, exploration of oneself’s potential, good time management and continuous learning, and encourage the public to help themselves and help others. The above are the key elements in achieving the core value of “Respecting Life”and building a world of mutual support and integration.

Practice in Life through Charity

We help people enrich their life journeys by cultivating empathy, serving the public, caring for and contributing to the community, and giving blessings to others.

Fulfillment in Life through Love Sharing

We advocate enjoying and contemplating life directly. By strengthening interpersonal bonding, sharing experiences, and spreading virtue and love, our souls are nourished so that our tree of life can blossom. The ultimate goal is the integration of morality and well-being, which in turn will benefit ourselves and the whole humankind.